Friday, February 17, 2012

How To Get the Most Out Of Employees?

The fundamental objective of every company is to minimize costs and maximize income. One of those costs is labor cost, or you. They want you to work more for less money. But given that there is a Principal Agent Problem  or in short words, a possibility that you might choose to work less than your maximum, this is not easy to achieve. For this reason, employers have resorted to using various tricks and techniques in making sure you would work more for the same amount of pay.

1. Loving your job

Have you ever wondered why do you always have to lie on job interview and pretend that you want to work at a certain company because it is your life goal more than anything else, not because you need money to live?  Science of HR always filters people who need to work solely for money. Their aim is to find people who would like to work because they "love the job", because that type of workers is most desirable. Those workers don't need oversight and monitoring in doing their jobs and have a higher chance of working without raises, just for the benefit of loving their job.

2. Praising and Applause

By praising somebody's work you give him recognition and respect. Most people like to hear good things about themselves, it makes their self-esteem grow. Praising doesn't cost, and can be done at any time. It has been observed that bosses who praise the most give the lowest raises and bonuses.

3. Identification with company and its values

There are multiple strategies around focused at promoting company's value and tricking an employee to identify with them. The more employees believe in company's good cause, more will they be ready to work for same amount of money.


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