Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to play promotion game?

It is already a well-known fact that it is not the hard-working people that get promoted, but those who  play the office game right. If you work hard, all what you'll get is more workload.  But if you brown nose your boss and get involved in office politics you'll get promotion with a higher salary. Most of the career experts and gurus have wrote about this. OK, we know that now all companies are like that, but we don't always have a choice where we  can work, do we? 
Finding a new job is sometimes impossible, and we might end up in a company with similar work atmosphere. 

So some would advice you that it's  better to toughen up, leave the pride in doing wok aside, and start playing the game.  If you don't play it, somebody below your ranks will, and even your current position can be jeopardized.

We have gathered some useful tips to help you with, but you can add your own tips and stories in comments. Tips basically depend on how far are you ready to go. 

1. Don't be indispensable 

Most career experts agree that if you get your self irreplaceable you'll never climb the ladder. Your employer simply can't afford to lose you. He would have to invest in training another person and he can't be sure how good you will be at your new job. So in order to avoid any risk, they will keep you at your current place as long possible. Don't fall into this trap.

2. Always make sure that everybody knows about your success. Show off your work.

If you work independently or your boss doesn't really know what are you working you risk being in a position where nobody notices you. Even if you are the best possible worker, nobody knows. That is why you have to make yourself noticeable, and show everyone that you are hard-working and producing results. Somebody on higher position might notice you and will want to have you in the team. 

3. Take credit for everything you can

This is a somewhat unethical behavior, but it works. Always try to be a part of winning team, and make sure everybody knows about it.

4. Be good with your future boss

Inter-personal relations with your possible future boss are very important. It has been proved that promotion is a subjective decision. So you have to convince them that you would be a great team member on which they can rely. If you do it, next time when they have to choose between you and a quite corner guy who rarely talks, you know what will the decision be. 

5. Always pretend to be busy and that your drowning in work

Even though personal skills are essential, pretending to be a hard-worker is as important. Talk often about your work, always carry things and documents with you, look busy. This works like a charm. 

6. Be easy going . In order to succeed you have to be well liked.

Nobody likes to be around grumpy, boring or people. Be like a cool guy in high school everybody wants to be a friend with. 

7. Dress nicely

Even if your office doesn't have a dress code it has been proven by psychological research that people who dress better get respected more. They don't say for nothing: ""Dress for the job you want, not for the job have". Always come to work in a nice suit and a matching tie. 

8. Socialize nicely with anyone who can help you get promotion 

Analyze office structure and mark possible people who can help you advance on the company ladder. It doesn't have to be a chief CEO, a nice word from  a secretary can help a lot. What ever you really think about them doesn't matter, pretend that you like them.

9. Act like you are already promoted. It's all about the attitude. 

Attitude is very important. Act like you are already the boss. 


Really some characteristics listed above of some folks, are actually unpleasant in reality.

I'm not sure this is the list I would be proud to show someone else at all, in terms of advice.

Certainly not to a young person.

Easy going doesn't equate to well-liked. One either has charisma or doesn't and often the nice guys get targeted.

I think putting so much efforts for doing all this if you put it into work it will be more beneficial for you. Let your work talk and not you when it a promotion time. I know there are people who do all the above things for better position but there is always a sword hanging over there head which doesn't let them enjoy there success.

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