Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking for a job is like a full-time sales job

We are already been told that a job search is actually a full time job. Writing tailored resumes, cover letters, searching for job postings, networking, contacting, practicing interview, researching companies is definitely time-consuming. Add to it stress and it sound like a full-time job. Not any kind a job, but a full-time sales job. We have to sell ourselves, and present ourselves on best possible way. 

Imagine a door to door salesman who wants to sell you a product. He is persistent and convincing, enthusiastic, with a smile on his face selling the best product available. Well, you need to be like one of them. 

If you don't have sales skill, you are at disadvantage.

Your real work skills  don't always matter. What is most important is how you present yourself. Firm handshake, a tie, preparing answers in advance, looking motivated, understanding buyers needs, good body language, enthusiasm, confidence is what gets you a job.

Even if you are the most excellent and responsible programmer if you show up at the interview in jeans you would be discarded. If your resume isn't easy to skim through in ten seconds, you don't stand a chance.

These are simply rules of the game. Competition is harsh, and only the best and the most creative prevail. 

If you don't have good communication skills, or you are not good at pretending, don't be disappointed. You can learn all those skills.  It is not hard, it just requires time and practice. There are plenty of advice on the Internet about how to behave at job interviews or how to write a CV. On every interview you need to look like that is your dream job.


I agree. You're literally selling yourself as you apply for jobs Manila. It's important to sell your good side, but equally vital to be completely honest from start to finish.

A store may have as many as 25 revenue agents working for them, Salesperson Jobs not keeping track of finance individuals. When a client comes in, the revenue agents take changes nearing them for help.

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