Saturday, July 2, 2011

How much choice you have in what will your work be?

You have very little choice in choosing what will you work. Why?

 Let's explain it.

1. Education
Our choice is determined by education. We have to be educated to do a certain job. A person who studied biology can't be an accountant.  How do we choose what are we going to be educated in?

1.1.. Availability of education

- Cost  What if school for an accountant is much more costly that school for biologists? What if for being a good accountant more licenses are needed that for being a biologist?

- Is it nearby? Is the school nearby? How many such schools there are in the country?

2.1. Profitability of profession

Have you heard of cases where parents force children not to pursue their own dreams because they would earn little money?

And it is not only parents but whole society does it. For example how many times have you heard that a person is being mocked because of choosing art school? Or when somebody is struggling to find a job people say to that person: "Well, it is your own fault. You should have studied finance".

Why so many people want to get into music industry? Or modelling industry? Because those industries are profitable.

Therefore, because your wanted profession might not bring you enough resources to survive, you are choosing something else.

3.1. Dropping out

Lots of people fail to succeed in  education system. They can't go to college or even to high school.  Therefore they aren't left with much work choices in life.

2. Job search
Even if you studied subjects you liked, and you like your profession, you have to go through one more test in order to pursue your dreams. You need to pass a job interview.

You don't decide where will you work, which company and which job. People who interview you decide. They might think you are not good enough for the job. Even though you would really like to do it, they won't let you, but somebody else.

 Society rules are that they know better what you can work and what you can't.

If you are bad at interviews, you would have to settle with something else. With some other profession, or some other work you don't like.


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